Short stories:

English storybooks have a crucial role in developing child reading skills at a young age. These short story books provide engaging content for children to read and share with their fellow classmates while learning. Literature is a fundamental social skillset. These short stories are written by publishers who distribute their content under creative commons license. They can be downloaded for free distribution across various devices. These stories are mainly for early learners(lower primary).
Short stories are available for download here.

Animal Stories

These are storybooks which capture children imagination for purposes of teaching moral lessons in a fictional manner while making learning fun and engaging for students. This category is composed of classic stories of the hare, hyena, lion e.t.c. These stories are best for perfomances since they help children develop creative skills using their imagination. Download animal stories here...

Biographies and Historical Personalities:

These are books that describe the life of various popular personalities in history. They aim at teaching students ways in which they can achieve their goals using real world examples of people who overcame obstacles to realize their dreams. They also inspire children to learn how to become beneficial to society as they grow up. Download biographies here...

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